In an industrial setting, a clean working environment becomes vital for the safety of your employees. There are many ways in which you can get rid of all the dust and junk. However, the most effective way to do that is through vacuum cleaners. Not the regular ones that we use in our homes. You must use industrial vacuum cleaners that produce high suction.  With the advent of extensive cleaning in the workplace, offices, and assembly stations it is immensely important and time-efficient to have a vacuum system that is easy to manoeuvre. Often, we find Pneumatic vacuums to be heavy, bulky, and cumbersome which entail longer than usual to get tasks completed at the same time consuming more power to operate.

Moreover, industrial vacuum systems come with special features that prevent fire and electric shocks. In this blog, we will learn about a special kind of vacuum cleaner called the pneumatic trolley pneumatic vacuum. And how it can help you.

Spillrite Canada’s portable trolley vacuum-like Poly Vac 90, can be accessible to use in open work areas construction sites or at processing plants. As the Vacuum comes in both WET/DRY and Reverse, it makes operations go smoother since the collection drum can be emptied using the same drumhead in the reverse flow manner.

With Spillrite technology and higher suction power, many industries like Chemical, Food Processing, Paint shop etc. are noticing an alarming reduction in operations downtime since cleaning and removing debris happen in no time allowing operations to flow concurrently.

Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner

Pneumatic vacuum cleaners work with the help of air pressure instead of electric power. It helps you reduce energy bills as well as improves the flexibility of the device. You can use them even in areas where you cannot have active electric sockets.

It has highly pressurized air compressed inside a cylindrical container. Or from a source within the industry. The compressed air passes through the venture, creating a vacuum space. This vacuum space sucks in the dust and other particles efficiently.

One of the main advantages of having pneumatic vacuum cleaners is that they have no moving parts. Thus, reducing the need for maintenance and the possibility of failure during operation. Sometimes, you might want to use your vacuum cleaners in places where there are dangerous chemicals. You cannot use a chord in such conditions.

Here, you won’t need a chord for the industrial vacuum system to function. Hence, it is safer than electrically powered systems. Also, you can clean up both wet and dry waste using the same system. Furthermore, you can get many filtration options when buying your vacuum cleaners from a trusted and certified manufacturer.

Portable Trolley Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners

Trolley vacuums are simply pneumatic vacuum cleaners on wheels. Generally, most pneumatic vacuum cleaners get fitted to an area within the facility. From there, people can access it through long pipes. However, using a portable system reduces that hassle to a bare minimum.

Your employees wouldn’t have to rely on large pipes. Instead, they can move the whole system to where they want to clean. Plus, the system has large wheels to ensure stability of the system. You can operate them for long durations without worrying about the heating problem.

The entire assembly is much more compact than other types of industrial vacuum cleaners. Providing easy movement of the cleaning system. By opting for this portable trolley pneumatic vacuum, you get to reduce the installation cost and the need for more vacuum cleaners in your facility.

Just like any other industrial-grade vacuums, this one also has many options to choose from for the filter. If you work in an environment with combustible dust, you need to use special filters to prevent ignition caused due to friction. The entire assembly has a sturdy design that has an optimally placed handle to easily move the system along with the cart.

Benefits over regular pneumatic vacuum cleaners

The following are some of the benefits of portable vacuum cleaners over regular ones:

  1. It can clean areas where pipes can’t reach. When you can move the entire system to the required workplace, you wouldn’t need long pipes for operation.
  2. It can improve the convenience of using a vacuum cleaner. Portable trolley vacuums are much more compact than other forms of industrial vacuums.
  3. It can reduce the need for maintenance. Heavy-duty materials and designs used for developing the system effectively reduce the need for maintenance. Also, the components are easy to clean and access.


When picking portable industrial vacuum systems, always note down your requirements before selecting one. This can help the manufacturer identify the best solution for your business.

Spillrite Industrial Vacuums Canada is an experienced and trusted manufacturer of custom industrial vacuum systems that suit your requirements. Next time you require a Canadian-made, highly efficient, portable Pneumatic vacuum, pls contact Spillrite Canada for more details. Also, with energy prices all-time high, these operate only on compressed air (using an ancillary line from the compressor) at no extra investment in the facility. Moreover, with carbon footprint and emission mandate, these vacuums have no pollution, off-gassing or effluent meaning it is both quiet and Clean. Contact us today at (905)-670-2277 to know more.