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Electric Drum Top Vacuum

Spillrite Canada Electric Drum Top Vacuum is a unique combination of design and construction that allows operation and effectiveness under severe conditions. Although the core of the company has been designing high standard pneumatic vacuums which operate from liquid to solid suctions covering a wide range of conditions.

With similar framework in mind, Spillrite Canada embarked on designing/manufacturing 3 models with power requirement between 2000 W – 4500 W and with suction power of 78-90 inches of water column. With three available models, applications can be from residential to light commercial, where requirements are for both WET/DRY waste.

Three stages of fan speed (235 cfm – 254 cfm), user can adjust the speed based of vacuuming required in given area. A closed type of ECM based fan transmits little noise thus eliminating the requirement of additional silencers to abate ambient discomfort.

Electric Drum Top Trolley Vacuum for Commercial Cleaning

Although electric type vacuum has become a commodity product, certain design parameters like following make the finished product unique and more adaptable to end users.

  1. 3 stage speed controls the suction power based on intensity of cleaning.
  2. Quite fan operation requires no silencer.
  3. Easily convertible from Wet to Dry mode by minimal adjustments
  4. Single to 2 stage filtrations to impede fine dust like particles.
  5. Washable parts and require no heavy maintenance.
  6. Long life with minimal maintenance ad available in both 110-240 V

With mobile maneuverability the vacuum can be easily moved around without much effort. Most users prefer versatility and accessibility allowing them to transport the unit from one place to another without investing in multiple units.

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