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Explosion Proof Vacuums

Certified ATEX and CA explosion proof vacuums. Pneumatic vacuums with anti-static features to provide explosion-proof vacuum cleaners. Many industries have workspaces whose floors are filled with combustible dust.

For example, it can be anything from gas exhuming plastic, metals, or any other substances. Enough amount of these and a small ignition can result in dangerous explosions. This is why the government requires industries that work with flammable dust to tool explosion-proof vacuums.

Explosion Proof Certified Vacuums

Spillrite offers you dust ignition proof air vacuums that are ATEX and CA certified. All our models boast anti-static features that prevent the formation of static electricity. Which acts as the ignition that causes the flame in the vacuumed substances.

Causes of Explosion

For a gas/dust to cause an explosion, it must have the following three components:

  1. Flammable substance.
  2. Oxygen.
  3. Ignition source.

You can identify if you need industrial explosion-proof vacuums by measuring the concentration of the combustible substance in the air. By using a normal vacuum cleaner in a combustible environment, you risk causing small electrical ignitions. These are called triggers, which are mainly the result of dust particles rubbing against each other when vacuumed.

The Solution: It is impossible to eliminate the first two sources of explosion. Since you always have combustible materials in industry workspaces and oxygen in the atmosphere. So, the only way to prevent them is by eliminating the trigger. Spillrite does exactly that by providing you with high-quality pneumatic explosion-proof vacuum cleaners that prevent ignition. Thus providing you with dust ignition proof air vacuum solutions that are safe to operate even in highly combustible conditions.

Applications: The following are some areas in which explosion-proof vacuums are used.

  1. Food processing facilities.
  2. Chemical processing
  3. Animal feed production facilities.
  4. Pharmaceutical facilities.
  5. Liquor production factories.
  6. Plastic technology industry.
  7. Surface mining/metallurgical industry.
  8. Other industries make use of chemicals, petrochemicals, and paints.

What are the features of Spillrite Vacuum Cleaners?

By choosing our explosion-proof / dust ignition proof air vacuum, you get to enjoy the following features:

  1. ATEX-approved systems ensure an explosion-free environment.
  2. High suction power for faster cleaning.
  3. Lightweight material build facilitates mobility.
  4. Comes with a variety of tools to enhance the cleaning process.
  5. Durable construction that withstands harsh conditions.

Why choose Spillrite? Spillrite delivers what it promises. We take the safety of your workspace seriously. Hence, all our systems are properly tested to ensure utmost performance. Moreover, we provide training and demonstrations to provide all the necessary information to operate these machines at their full capability. For more information about spillrite explosion-proof vacuums, kindly contact us.

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