About Spillrite Canada offers Dual functions Poly AirVac 90

Recently Spillrite Vacuums Canada supplies Poly Air Vac-90 Gal to the City of Hamilton. This is a unique design to address specific requirements, especially in a dense and crowded area manoeuvring with a big solid – 55-gal Drum Vacuum is tough hence it was surmised to build a portable, powerful Vac model that can do the job yet easy to move places.

poly-airvac 90The vacuum was built with both Wet/Dry operations capability that can remove dry dust as well fluid from spaces making it convenient to use one machine to do both operations without special appendages although Spillrite Canada designed float valve is attached for wet operations.

This alleviates the owner’s concern against overfill and spill, which often is not addressed effectively on available models in the industry. This added fail-safe is a special feature on Spillrite Canada twin mode Vac system.

The Poly Vac is a composite design, fast and effective unit that can deliver cleaning function fast and do not require electricity to operate moreover given operated by compressed air, practically there is no maintenance or moving parts, which saves energy bill and maintenance costs stress over a long period of time.

We are hopeful that Spillrite Canada’s new client will appreciate this model and offer many more opportunities to work together in future. Effective Spillrite Vacuum design that offers clean and stress-free operations for today and tomorrow.


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