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Drum Top Vacuums

Drum Top Vacuums are powered by compressed air and can be used for most wet and dry industrial waste. With 4 times the power of an electric vacuum, they offer massive power. The Drum Top Vacuum is a pneumatic powerhead bolted to a steel lid, either mild steel or stainless steel. Clean up both dry and wet surfaces without any delay using powerful drum top vacuums.

These are basically cylindrical vacuums in a bigger proportion to suit industrial standards. They are also heavy-duty. Meaning, they have higher suction power in comparison to other kinds of vacuum cleaners. Spillrite specializes in manufacturing industrial drum top vacuums that are cost-efficient and deliver high performance.

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Why do we need Drum Top Vacuums?

Industrial areas can be quite messy if not cleaned regularly. Without proper care, the work platform has a lot of dangerous material lying around. For example, in a manufacturing unit, you can find tiny pieces of metals on the floor from lathe machines and other such machines. This kind of environment is unsafe for the workers. Also, industries that deal with toxic and combustible dust must be extremely careful. This is why we need industrial vacuums.

Drum top vacuums are the easiest to install vacuum cleaners for industries. They consist of drum top vacuum heads that you can attach to any cylindrical drum that you have at your disposal. Or, you could choose to buy one along with the vacuum head.

How do they work?

Drum top vacuum heads function with the help of compressed air. Thus, you do not need a constant power supply to provide suction power. They also have no moving parts, making them highly resistant to wear and tear. They produce 4 times more suction power than other industrial vacuum cleaners.

Initially, you attach one tube to the storage unit with compressed air. The pressure in the compressed air creates a high-powered suction that helps clean even large spills. This simple mechanism enables you to clean at a faster pace without depending on the need for electricity.

Why choose Spillrite?

Spillrite specializes in manufacturing vacuum cleaners for industries that reduce energy consumption. Our industrial drum top vacuums offer you the following benefits:

1. Offers powerful suction at a consistent pace.

2. Tested to last long and suit various cleaning environments.

3. Cleans from small chips to large debris with zero power consumption.

4. Allows easy replacement of drums. Which enables you to skip the emptying the bin part.

5. Made of steel for improved durability and corrosion resistance.

With our industrial vacuums, regular cleaning becomes an interesting job. And it also makes cleaning more efficient and safe. For more information about Spillrite Drum Top Vacuums, kindly contact us.