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Explosion Proof Anti Static Industrial Vacuum

Certified ATEX and CA explosion proof anti static industrial vacuum. Pneumatic vacuums with anti-static features to provide explosion proof vacuum cleaners. When you want to control combustible dust and flammable liquids, explosion proof anti static vacuums are the best choice. They do not lead to any sparks or cause friction, hence keeping the area safe and don’t cause any fire hazards as well. The best thing is that the explosion proof anti static compressed air vacuum is powered based on the venturi principle, which means that there are no moving parts.

There’s no chance of friction, wear or tear, or any sparks that could lead to any problems. These vacuums are perfectly safe and provide complete protection while working with chemicals, oils, and other elements that could cause a fire. However, what needs to be noted is that the internal and external structure both need to be explosion proof. It is important to ensure the safety of the people who work in that environment. A lot of companies claim to offer explosion proof vacuums but they just add a few features to the basic vacuum, which poses a greater risk than anything else. To ensure that the vacuum is true to its standards, always check whether the vacuum has the right regional legal certificates or not. The certificate guarantees that the vacuum meets the standards for operation.

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Good quality filtration is important

The quality of filtration should not be compromised in the explosion-proof anti-static vacuums. There should be optimal filters so that proper collection of dust particles and combustible material can be done.

Today HEPA and ULPA are the two most commonly used filters that are used above the vacuum’s motor inhibitor to ensure that proper filtration is taking place.

HEPA filters can trap the dirt particles of up to 0.3 microns while the ULPA filters can catch particles up to 0.12 microns. Both are excellent filters and offer amazing energy efficiency when used with the vacuum for a good amount of time.

Such explosion proof anti static compressed air vacuums are mostly used in industrial settings where electricity may be an issue. Since they work purely on compressed air, electricity is not even required. Explosion proof vacuums offer amazing air quality in the environment where they are installed.

Therefore, apart from eliminating any risk of fire hazards, they are also maintaining the air quality to ensure that workers stay in a healthy condition. Wherever there are risks of explosion in the industrial environment, explosion-proof anti-static vacuums work perfectly well and provide a great way to filter harmful particles from the air. Contact us to learn more about explosion proof anti static vacuums or other industrial vacuums.