The recent turnaround of food segment manufacturing is causing deep anxiety amongst manufacturers for the lack of quality materials. Moreover, with a plant running overcapacity, the time of the need is to equip the facilities with quality equipment to prevent fewer breakdowns and downtime.

Quick Ship Spillrite Canada DLV-Reverse 100 Vacuum – ATEX certified for Food Industry

One such need of a reputed Bakery plant in Northern Ontario was to procure a quality Air Powered Vacuum system to keep the work area clean and free of dust as mandated under their quality control and standard.

DLV-Reverse 100 Vacuum

DLV-Reverse 100 Vacuum

Although few Air Vacuum suppliers were approached by the Bakery producer in search of quality, the quick ship Air Pneumatic vacuum is custom-fitted on a 55-gal drum and can perform Vacuum and Reverse functions. The buyer was stuck as most established dealers offered extended lead time as well exorbitant prices compared to what they have paid earlier.

Once again, Spillrite Canada came to the rescue by offering a client to turn around the full vacuum unit in less than 2 weeks even honouring the earlier price. No gimmick no premium, just good business practice of supplying quality Canadian-made vacuums that have servicing industries for the last 20 years.

The ATEX-certified vacuum will be used by the Bakery to keep its production areas and raw materials separation space clean in line with meeting unprecedented high-volume demand in the food sectors. Kudos to the Spillrite Canada team for rising and doing its best in time of need.

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