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Spill & Tank Vacs

Pneumatic spill vacuums for the rapid recovery of liquid and dry spills. Spill and tank vacuums are one of the best options in industries where there is a high amount of combustible dry and wet waste. Pneumatic spill vacuums are best to regulate any spilling of dry and wet trash, including liquids that could potentially harm the environment.

They are built from stainless steel and hard plastic, depending on which model is used. There are several options for the vacuums based on the usage and the material requirements. Both spill and tank are great for liquid and dry spills. Note that they are explosion-proof vacuums, which means that they are highly useful in inflammable industries.

The pneumatic spill vacuums work on the venturi principle. Since compressed air is used in the process and there are no moving parts, there is less heat generated during the process. This is also because there is no friction created in the process. There is one air control valve as well that helps manage the flow of air during the process. Spill vacuums have a wide variety of applications. They are useful for liquid and dry spills in the food industry, lumber industry, and others. Since there are several models of spill vacuums, depending on the type of industry and waste that is generated in that sector.

Tank vacuums are useful as capture tank, vacuum tank, cyclone tank, and a spill tank. They come in different sizes depending upon the requirements of the industry. They can be manufactured in mild steel, alloy, and stainless steel. They are reinforced in such a manner that they provide stability and strength while under vacuum. The power of the tank vacuum is enough to work in multiple industries, including food, chemical, and many more. Tank vacuums provide a good way to eliminate hazardous waste from the floor. There are different tools that can be used to modify the spill and tank vacuums.

Whether it’s a small spill or something big that can be hazardous for the surroundings, pneumatic spill vacuums take care of all kinds of rapid liquid and dry spills. They can be easily mobilized by assembling the parts from one place to the other. Spill vacuums and tank ones are the best options for removing heavy waste from the factory floor without any damage. Since they are made of heavy material like steel and alloy, they can easily contain combustible waste and don’t lead to any damage as well.

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