Anti-Static vacuum cleaners work securely in hazardous areas. They are appropriate for the safe cleanup of dangerous dust, wet and dry materials, slops and slurries, and more. These residuals are found in situations that are susceptible to blasts or combustibility as an element of a cleaning program. The utilization of anti-static vacuum cleaner and anti-static vacuum hoses is a secure, dependable and financially savvy decision for industries and factors working with substances and materials that can create combustible dust and the development of static electricity.

What are Anti-static Vacuums?

Anti-Static Industrial Vacuum Cleaners perform extreme applications within industries that have a requirement for security, unwavering quality and superior performance.

The objective is to secure office premises. It eliminates debris and garbage in the office without any hassle. Securely eliminating this dust and debris is a huge challenge in the workspace.

Well-being is vital and productivity is constantly needed. Spillrite industrial anti-static vacuum cleaner plays a strong role in keeping efficiency high and housekeeping safe and straightforward.

Vacuums that have an anti-static setup have an electrically conducted intake fitting associated with the earthing conduit. While vacuuming fine residue (grating), depending upon the moistness (for example dry air in winter), an electrostatic charge can build up in the vacuum hose.

This then releases itself through starting – an interaction which, while harmless, isn’t lovely. The electrostatic force increments soil levels in the vacuum hose. An anti-static vacuum hose is expected to battle this; it releases the built-up charge right away and without any hassle.

Many people ask, “what are anti-static vacuums,” but get confused as to how they operate. Let’s have a look at how anti-static vacuum cleaners work.

How does an anti-static vacuum cleaner work?

explosion proof anti-staticAnti-static vacuums are air-powered and utilize existing compressed air inside the office. They don’t have engines that might possibly bend or any moving parts that can make friction or ignite. When electricity is not there or not desired, static modern vacuums offer strong performance with negligible air utilization.

Sprillite Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaner utilizes lightweight, adaptable and strong, static-conductive hoses developed from materials that disseminate and alleviate friction-based electricity build-up.

Our ESD vacuum cleaner is exceptional enough to eliminate residue and debris from cutting-edge electronic gear that is profoundly sensitive to the residue and static development in fields like media transmission, office automation, scientific, clinical and semiconductor.

The vacuum cleaner has a full functioning blow power with commotion level control. The conductive spouts delicately channel off static charges to the Earth electrical plug to follow EN 61340-5 suggestions for working in an ESD safeguarded region. The vacuum makes low noise while retaining ample suction blow power.

Manufacturing of anti-static vacuum cleaner

Manufactures create the ESD vacuum cleaner using extreme, break-safe, static dissipative plastic for added safety. The vacuum has a movable fan speed, giving total flexibility.

It is reasonable for use inside Electro-static Protected Areas. The vacuum cleaner considers safe cleaning and dust removal inside an EPA. That was the answer to the question “how do anti-static vacuums work?”

While the appliance housing, nozzles, hose, shoulder strap, cable and accessories are a lot, they are completely conductive. This can likewise have its airflow switched to go about as a blower (non-ionized).


You can design Spillrite industrial anti-static vacuum cleaner in an assortment of power settings. The most remarkable is 300 CFM of packed air. However, the DLV units are additionally there to have the option to reverse pump out liquid. Through the extraordinary design of the venturi, there is no chance of the drum over-compressing as all excess pressure is delivered through the throat of the venturi.

When the lock band is there, the cover and the drum ground to the earth and give a total circuit releases any power-based electricity. This explosion-proof vacuum is broadly useful in the gas and oil industry. It is one of the safest and most secure options to clean combustible material without any risk of damage to the property.