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Applications for Explosion Proof Anti Static and Dust Ignition Proof Vacuums.

Many situations require an explosion proof vacuum system that will not ignite flammable fluid or explosive and conbustible dust. These applications include;


Hazardous Locations

  • Hazardous locations like grain silos, food manufacturing plants that use flours and combustible food dusts
  • Oil wells and fuel distribution centres that need explosion proof vacuums
  • Offshore drilling platforms
  • Printer recyclers that deal with toner cartridges
  • Defence establishments that need to recover spent gun powder and shell casings
  • Powder coating and powder painting facilities

Combustible Dust Mitigation

  • With the emphasis on safety in the work place it is a requirement to have an explosion proof vacuum system like a Spillrite Explosion Proof vacuum to help control combustible dusts in hazardous environments

Flammable Fuels

  • Flammable fuel comes in many different forms and can be extremely dangerous when tryimng to recover from a spill or when transfering between tanks and drums. A Spillrite Explosion Proof Anti-Static vacuum system will prevent any chance of static electricity igniting the fuel and causing an explosion. Our explosion proof pneumatic vacuums come in many differenc sizes and compressed air requirements.

Static Electricty & Explosion proof vacuums

  • Static electricty can be created through many manufacturing processes and can be present without realising it on equipment and products. Be sure to use a Spillrite Anti-Static Explosion Proof vacuum to prevent static electricity causing an explosion. Our systems have been designed to prevent build up of static electricity. With no moving parts, heating elements or electrical current the Spillrite Explosion Proof vacuums can not produce static electricty and any build up caused by friction in the suction hose or due to the tribo electric effect will dissipate instantly through the installed grounding features.