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Hi Rob,

You really excelled the other week, I have never written a Testimonial before. I would like to say thanks again, you really did save us, if it didn’t make the Shipment with the other items it would of have to been sent later at an added expense. “No Pressure” These were the first words Rob replied when I requested 1 drum vac to Be assembled and ready for Toll collection at 2pm for overnight airfreight to Melbourne To meet up with other items we were sending to West Papua the following day.At 9:30am we increased the order to 2 drum vacs Rob again agreed, and as promised they Were ready for Toll collection at 2 pm , at 4pm it was clear that Toll was not coming. Rob again swung into action, drove 40 minutes to the airport so that would make the flight that night. They were available in Melbourne the next day to make the flight to West Papua.

Robs can do attitude from the outset was truly Superior.

Kevin Keegan (Darwin Operations Manager)


Hi Robert,

The new drum lid vacuums work really well, the guys on the floor love them.

So, i would like to order two more drum lid Vac heads, just as the previous order.

Michael Hill (State Manager Queensland)

SCHÜTZ (Canada) Pty Ltd

Rob, we are sucking from a tank but it works that well we will use it for some smaller jobs where oil levels are very low, so is it possible to also bring a few different tool ends for us to have a look at

Kris Tarrant(IT Manager)


It has been a while since we last dealt. But I’m pleased to report the explosion proof vac you provided us has been working wonderfully. We are a satisfied customer.

Dylan Clarkson(Operations Supervisor)

GrainCorp Limited

Hi Robert,

Fired up the 1600 cfm HP 150 psi compressor, 600 feet away and tested the SUPOCs. The crowds were amazed …they sucked grit 20 ft straight up vertically at 80 PSI !!! ..and actually they are not that noisy at all (and Darlington Nuclear Power Station are fussy!). Very impressive machinery!
Owners (DNGS) and contractor (Crossby Dewar) are very pleased and feeling warm and fuzzy and well vindicated.
The lousy pics show part of the story (better pics to follow).
The Beastly power pack lives in the scaffold tent enclosure, along with the dust collector and the blast pot with the recycler barrel mounted on top.
The main hopper lives outside and its straight up and into the tank.
Real work starts on Saturday….so by Monday I should have a valid report based on actual real time experience.
Excellent….I am very pleased.
Thank you!


Darlington Nuclear Power Generation