Spillrite Canada offers several models that are suitable for vacuuming up concrete and silica dust. The unit below uses a cyclonic separator to capture the dust more efficiently and allow longer run times before having to clean or replace the washable bag filter.

The concrete dust and silica dust vacuum can also be fitted with an H class filter to prevent toxic and hazardous particles from escaping to atmosphere. The filter is MERV-16 or higher rated for 99.997% @ 0.3 microns.

The pneumatic vacuum has no moving parts with no failure or down time during operations.

These vacuums are Canadian made and supported.

Application: Concrete dust, Silica dust , Battery lead dust , Paint chemical fumes Chemical fumes , Coal dust H class vacuum as well working under Clean room Class 100/ 1000 conditions


HEPA filter on the exhaust are Ideal for critical applications to maintaining clean and toxic free air. Many hospitals or high efficiency laboratories or plants can take advantage of this effective solution.

portable vacuum unit with exhaust HEPA

Portable vacuum unit with exhaust HEPA