Industrial and Process facilities are exposed to harsh environments and are often subject to regulations and standards set by the government and other organizations to monitor regular safety and compliance under general operating conditions. In North America OSHA and NFPA focus on safety, fire, and health-related matters pertaining to people engaged in those circumstances, and more recently strict compliance is placed on Industrial pollution and waste carried over to adjoining habitats. Both agencies primarily focus on accident prevention and risk mitigation hence more organizations are on the lookout for sturdy, well-built powerful air-powered vacuums.

Industrial dust poses a serious risk to people and the environment if not handled properly. This is especially true for combustible dust that accumulates and is sometimes hard to clean or access spaces thus becoming a risk of fire and explosion. Industrial Air Vacuum in such cases becomes a handy tool that can work on such surfaces, and areas and with strong suction and rugged build is able to remove the concentrated deposits from places. A recent supply of Spillrite Canada Explosion Proof Cyclone Vacuum to a chemical process facility in GTA has proved its worth.

Spillrite Canada addresses most cleaning concerns of Industrial facilities by setting high standards and superior construction of its models that ideally suit a given environment. Recently a poll was conducted to address vital requirements of a working industrial facility/factory/workshop etc. and the following attributes derived were most significant.

  1. Place to keep people healthy
  2. Place with proper maintenance and upkeep that prevents accidents
  3. Place that improves morale and productivity
  4. Place that monitors and invests in the safety and well-being of people and the environment.

As areas often get neglected and things are overlooked in industrial facilities, it is time with the right tools and Air Vacuum setup, Spillrite Canada Air Vacuum units can clean and remove dust from the toughest areas. Unlike residential/commercial setups, industrial locations sometimes require special equipment that is designed to be used in such spaces. When combined with all the right tools and fittings, Spillrite Vacuums can clean hard-to-reach surfaces towards removing dry, slush, or wet deposits or chemical spillage.

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