A vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device, that runs on the centrifugal fan to suck dust from surfaces. It collects the dust either in a dust bag or cyclone for disposal. It is generally designed or available based on its usage like for domestic or commercial purposes. Industrial vacuum cleaners are used in manufacturing industries to clean larger spaces and to keep the indoor environment healthy.

Keeping the environment clean, healthy, and safe is very important these days. You can do this by involving the right methods and types of equipment. Right types of equipment not only perform the task but also save time and money. In big industries and huge cleaning work, it is always better to engage industrial vacuum cleaners instead of wasting human energy as well as money on the wrong types of equipment.

Industrial vacuums provide various benefits some of these are:

  • Cost-effective investment:

Investing in vacuum cleaners initially appears to be an expensive expenditure. However, if a huge part of your production releases dust and other wastages then cleaning with the wrong types of equipment that are designed for domestic usage will not bring desired results. Further, involving such types of equipment for huge and long hour work is a wrong choice as they wear out easily.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are expensive but they are designed to perform their task for long hours and under harsh and tough conditions. One cannot involve manpower for long hours and for works that are humanly impossible. Thus, choosing the right equipment saves you from all those things.

  •  A huge task in less time:

When you have a huge amount of cleaning and a wider area to clean every day and then if you are using the wrong equipment it is a waste of time and energy. Industrial vacuum cleaners are meant to perform such tasks quickly. Further, it saves man-hours in two ways: (1) fewer people are engaged and (2) consumes less time.

  • Environment friendly:

Cleanliness begins from the self and extends up to the environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners of the best quality have a HEPA filtering system that effectively catches bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants that get into the air in the cleaning process. Thus, it keeps the environment healthy and safe.

  • Effective and deep cleaning:

Commercial vacuum cleaners are meant for huge tasks and are required to function for long hours to have more power. They perform their task in an efficient manner going deeper into a carpet or any other dust accumulating object. Thereby provides effective cleaning. Such effective cleaning will also protect the fabrics of your rug etc. Further, it saves your money.

Spillrite is an industrial vacuums manufacturer in Canada. It locally designs and manufactures commercial vacuum cleaners extensively different air-powered vacuum cleaners.

Apart from that, it manufactures industrial vacuum systems and types of equipment that are meant to perform a specific job. Some of the industry-leading industrial vacuums it provides are pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners which are air operated and can clean wet and dry wastages.

The pneumatic vacuum cleaner does not run on electricity. It does not have moving parts that help in avoiding friction or spark. It runs four times faster than electric vacuum cleaners. It is designed for large warehouses and factories to control the high spills. It has reverse filter cleaning and a fluid pump. The vacuums can be used without needing to change the filters for extended periods.

Under this category, one can get a variety of vacuum cleaners that are meant for specific purposes and of varied capacities. Like CA Dust is an air-powered vacuum that incorporates cyclones to essentially use to get the dust and powders. It is anti-static for combustible specks of dust. It has reverse filter cleaning, HEPA filter cartridge, anti-static explosion proof units, cyclonic separation, and second capture drum.

Apart from this, the company manufactures commercial vacuum cleaners in Canada like SPAV cyclone ATEX, Drum Top vacuum, Explosion-proof Vacuums, RDTV with cyclone coal dust and fly ash and Drum top vacuum standard.


Commercial vacuum cleaners perform huge cleaning tasks in less time. They are easy to use and healthy for the indoor environment and for your workers’ health. For various types of commercial vacuum cleaners like SPAV cyclone ATEX, Drum Top vacuum- Explosion, etc., and also for any specific requirements, you can go for commercial vacuum cleaners Canada, an industry-leading industrial vacuum manufacturer.