Reversible Air Operated Drum Vacuums

Spillrite manufactures many different types of air-operated industrial vacuums, many of them have reverse fluid pump out features. Reversible vacuums are also called two-way vacuums, two-way drum pumps or 2-way drum vacuums.

The drum pump below has the following features;

  1. Air consumption 40-60 cfm
  2. Application - fluid recovery
  3. Application - reverse fluid pump-out
  4. 3/4 inch Chicago claw coupling
  5. Vacuum rating 16" Hg
  6. Vertical fluid lift - 3-4 metres
  7. Screws into the small bung of a steel drum lid


The new improved design from Spillrite Vacuums means that the reverse fluid pump out is faster and more efficient.

The Super Pump Out drum pumps can be screwed into the small bung of the drum lid or can be fitted with plastic plumbing fittings directly into the centre of the drum lid. The advantage of this is that it increases the airflow of the pump and the vacuum suction which allows better performance with heavier fluids.