A tidy shop is always required, whether you are a skilled woodworker, metalworker or just a hobbyist. While a woodworking vacuum will keep your shop organized and hygienic, not all of them have the strength to remove all of the debris from your workspace. Our specialists will guide you through the best air operated vacuums for woodworking and metalworking, so you don’t buy a subpar product. 

Industrial pneumatics vacuums are the best equipment for the woodworking and metalworking sectors. Effortlessly remove metal shavings and dust off surfaces and machine parts, even whether they have come into contact with coolants, lubricants, oil, or any other liquid. With up to 5 times higher suction than electric vacuums, remove dust, sludge, lubricants, fibre, gritty materials, grindings, turnings, blowouts, metal chips, and slag.  

How do Industrial Vacuums help with Woodworking and Metalworking? 

The best option for the metal business is an ATEX certified wet/dry vacuum. It can remove metal shavings from machinery and power tools at the end of each production cycle. Even if the metal shavings dissolve in liquids like emulsions, coolants, or oil, vacuums can still eliminate all traces of the metal shavings. After the liquids and solids separate, the fluid can be recycled and the solid can be treated for its scrap value.  

To clean up spills and mishaps that happen throughout each stage of production, metalworking workshops and facilities must always have an industrial vacuum on hand. The best industrial vacuum for metal shavings promises a prolonged life and performance value. An industrial air powered vacuum ensures proper cleaning of the floor. 

Similarly, woodworking shop pneumatic vacuums focus on cleaning dust particles, sawdust, trims, savings, and more. Such vacuums do not require high power capacity and can work seamlessly. An industrial vacuum can separate the particles and provide a proper cleaning of the woodworking shop floor. 

Air operated Vacuums 

Air operated vacuums are great for metal machinery that utilize oil. Filtering and reusing emulsions after each operating cycle is problematic. This is because of the existence of metal particles in oil tanks following procedures. It is feasible to remove the oil and shavings combinations from any size tank using an industrial vacuum cleaner. It separates the oils from the chips and enables the emulsifiers to be reused for the following operating cycle. 

Large amounts of chips are produced during the polishing and cutting processes carried out by numerical control machines, which don’t utilize oil. Their removal and the ongoing disruption of production cycles required to clean each machine of the debris slows down the pace of the operation. The proper cleaning of all debris encountered, even in huge amounts, is ensured by employing a fine dust pneumatic vacuum. It is intended for the complete removal of debris during machining. 

Why Spillrite Vacuums are best for Woodworking and Metalworking? 

Get a Spillrite industrial air powered vacuum for the best vacuum for your metal shop. It has a lifetime warranty and can withstand even the most severe situations.  

Industrial air powered vacuum cleaners from Spillrite can clean up an array of dry and moist items in addition to collecting volatile and combustible dust. These machines are also strong enough to remove dirt and metal shavings from a variety of industrial surfaces.  

To achieve optimum compliance, Spillrite complies with all applicable industry thresholds. This is the reason that all of our industrial vacuums are approved and compliant with NFPA and OSHA guidelines. It ensures optimal metal dust, shavings, and clippings safety. We have ATEX-certified wet/dry vacuum cleaners as well. 

Industrial vacuum cleaners made by Spillrite don’t require electricity to operate. We provide fine dust pneumatic vacuum cleaners that are energy efficient. Instead, these devices use compressed air to operate rotary actuators, control valves, and air motors. This eliminates the possibility of power outages, burnouts, or vacuum cleaner overheating.