Pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners

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18 ינואר, 2019
industrial pneumatic vacuum industrial pneumatic vacuum

Industrial pneumatic vacuums air-operated can recover both wet and dry waste. Generally, these high power pneumatic vacuums are used for rapid spill control in factories or large warehouses. With the new reverse filter cleaning models that Spillrite now has in stock, many applications that use dry waste like powders, dust, plastics and abrasive blast media, the vacuums can be used for extended periods without filter changing. Depending on the waste type, Spillritre can supply a cyclonic separator to accompany most industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaners which help the vacuums run continuously without the need to clean or change the filter.

The unit above is a SPAV vacuum. Spill Control Air Vacuum. This industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaner can be used for both wet and dry applications.

SPAV features:

1. Metal handle with rubber grips

2. Air control valve

3. Rubber wheels

4. Rear drain valve

5. Hard plastic tank

6. Sturdy metal side catches

7. Powder-coated metal silencer shroud

Some of the applications for Spillrite industrial air-operated pneumatic vacuum cleaners.

  1. Coolant and sump fluids from machinery
  2. Cleaning paint chips and steel grit
  3. Vacuuming dust from printing presses
  4. Recovery of cornmeal, flour, grains, seeds from girders and floors in food processing plants
  5. Sucking hydraulic oil from plant equipment
  6. Cleaning up powder from spray booths
  7. Vacuuming magnesium chips from machinery
  8. Sucking water from bilge areas in ships and boats
  9. Cleaning aircraft that need an explosion-proof vacuum unit
  10. Vacuuming fly ash from power stations using a drum vacuum with reverse filter cleaning
  11. Cleaning plastic pellets from moulding machines
  12. Vacuuming fertilizer dust and pellets from agricultural processing facilities
  13. Sucking oil and chemicals in industrial spills
  14. Paper dust and pieces from recycling businesses
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