Spill control vacuums are fast and effective. It is a quick way to clean up space and prepare it for the next shift. Spillrite Canada Quick service vacuums are very effective and the best in the industry in its class.

This stainless-steel air-powered vacuum can recover standard oil spills or flammable fuels when configured as an explosion-proof model. Whether it is a garage, cash wash, or chemical spill location, this vacuum quickly cleans up without leaving any mess.

About Spill Control Vacuums

Spill vacuums are designed to recover large spills and can handle liquids, solids, and other materials that need vacuuming. They clean up large spills of tar, oil, and sludge. They are much more potent than standard vacuum models and can quickly remove large quantities of material using rapid-reaction air pull technology. The long-handled drum allows for easy access and installation.

Spill Vacuums can clean flammable fluids and liquids. Moreover, it contains and retrieves chemicals. To use this product, you’ll need to provide a compressed air source or a vacuuming nozzle so it can operate commercially.

Spill recovery vacuums are designed to utilize industrial tanks for the spill and leak clean-up process. The stainless-steel tank is designed to prevent the hazards associated with spilled fluids while they become vacuumed away.

Our Top Spill Control Vacuum Model:

  1. Drum Lid Vacuum 100 cfm

The Drum Lid Vacuum 100 cfm ATEX CA Wet Dry Reverse Pump Out is a compact, wet-dry vacuum designed to seal tight cabinet lids allowing handle-mounted suction units to be concealed. The vacuum is suitable for applications that trap dust with minimal material entrapment. Learn more.

  1. Drum Lid Vacuum 180 cfm

The Drum Lid Vacuum measures 6 inches by 12 inches and has an adjustable range of 0 – 180 CFM. It is capable of pumping out water when fitted with the ATEX accessory. This machine is made from durable materials, ensuring it can withstand years of use. Learn more.

Spillrite Vacuums Canada offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners for commercial and industrial environments. We custom-build pneumatic vacuum systems for the same price as any off-the-shelf model. Our staff has years of experience in the industry and is known for providing excellent customer service. Call us today; (905)-670-2277 or email sales@spillritevacuumscanada.com