4 Types of Air Vacuums and Uses

People in Recycle/ Scrap or metal facilities are exposed to hazardous conditions that are detrimental to health and surroundings and in the process of recovery. The scrap recycling industry encompasses a wide range of metals including iron, scrap steel, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and stainless steel.

1. Air Vacuums for Scrap Metals / Dust recovery

Metals are generally extracted through the scrap process and further disseminated or shredded for usable purposes. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous types are separated including hazardous ones and handled separately.

Dealing with wastes and residue at Scrap locations becomes so difficult that normal suction or clean-up is just not enough. Spillrite Canada Drum Top Vacuums (DTV) / Drum Lid Vacuums (DLV) Air Vacuum range can easily suck the scrap wastes including toxic dust. They are fitted with a HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99.99% or 0.3 microns so there is minimal risk of contamination to surroundings. The Spillrite vacuums are tested for absolute filtration.

2. Air Vacuums for Combustible Toxic and Dust Environment

Dust especially from construction sites mixed with quartz considered inert can cause serious health effects. Low toxicity dust has proven to start many lungs disease including air passage obstruction and other related health hazards. The main disease affecting workers are related to lead, asbestos and wood which cause severe damage to air pathways over a period.

Spillrite Canada DTV/DLV range of Air Vacuums as designed to address concerns of dusty environments especially under ISO-4 Class 10 cleanroom and decontamination control.

The Spillrite system is fitted with HEPA/ULPA filters that carry an efficiency of 99.99% up to 0.2 microns eliminating the risk of dust-related contamination, space cleaning or any build-up as well cross-contamination to other areas. The Spillrite Air Vacuums are built robust and can sustain long under these dusty and hazardous conditions.

3. Air Vacuums for Concrete and Cement Industries

Concrete is one of the widely used construction materials in the industry although there are several risks associated with this industry especially handling hazardous and silica fine dust related to health.

The concrete industry often deals with operations that involve cutting, sawing, drilling, and crushing of concrete, cement, brick, block, rock, and stone products. Exposure to these processes can irritate the eyes, nose throat and upper respiratory system.

Skin contact may be subject to irritation and often damage to blister. In road construction of concrete can also result in a dusty environment especially coverage of dust and other concrete cement over a wide area.

Spillrite Canada Air Vacuums have proven to handle dust in this environment by removing toxic fine dust from a breathable zone. Spillrite Vacuum comes with HEPA Filter that can trap fine particulates and may clean the space in a quick interval. Many cement and concrete industries are successfully using this Vacuum system for a long time.

Customer, a reputed Chemicals company in Southwestern Ontario engaged in Waste Solvent Recycling, reclaim Spent Solvents and Cleaned solvents were looking for Vacuum solution that could extract solvent/ mud slush from below the ground level.

4. Air Vacuums for Waste Solvent Recycling and Extraction

The process was tedious and the standard methodology for extraction was not enough. Spillrite Vacuums Canada worked on Explosion Proof Mild steel, Drum Top Vac 180 CFM, double venturi to addressing issues at the site. Earlier vacuum systems lacked pressure and the suction line often got clogged. With the DTV system client can now overcome the current problem.

The priority is to extracting mud slush and thereby reclaim reusable solvents that are adhered to the former process. The reusable part is then filtered through the process before it can be stored for other commercial use. Using Spillrite Canada DTV (Drum Top Vacuum) client is also able to reduce process time significantly. For details and applicability, kindly contact us.