Spillrite Canada ships Air Powered Vacuum orders to a Metal Fabricator

A renowned Metal Fabricator with a presence across Ontario was looking to buy a high-powered Pneumatic vacuum – explosion-proof to remove metal debris and dust from their operations. The stress was particularly on high suction power with cyclonic filter in place of traditional design that gets heavily clogged across filter over time.

Spillrite Canada suggested a Drum Top Vacuum – high powered with three ventures capable of handling 220 cfm of input air to create high suction towards removing metal particulates of irregular consistencies. Two stages (Drum) with cyclonic filter and second for dust collection with the reverse flow as provided.

Particular attention was paid to break-out noise (OSHA specified occupancy zone) since the vacuum will operate in the working area within the proximity of other occupants. The silencer design was customized with a special acoustical pad to maintain the sound level within the threshold.

Vacuum drums (two) were placed on a trolley which gave adequate mobility as easy access to transportability from one station to another. Overall, it was a successful project as Spillrite Canada hopes to repeat more such requirements in days to follow.

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